1st & 2nd Grade

Hannah Kregel encourages 1st & 2nd grade students to become the best version of themselves, challenging the mind, body, and soul. Her classroom environment provides students with the ability to feel confident and successful in their academics, but also in their stewardship of knowledge and Christ-likeness. Miss Kregel’s appreciation for hands-on practice and application encourages a variety of creative and enriching activities in all academic areas. Students investigate God’s world through activities, worship, literature, and conversations with peers. Students are also challenged through a wide variety of literature and literary components, math review and problem solving practices, and interaction with the world of science and nature. Miss Kregel is intentional about weaving the truth of application of God’s word in to every subject taught. 

1st & 2nd grade students participate in the following Specials Classes: Physical Education, Music, Junior Choir, Computer/STEM, and Outdoor Science.