3rd & 4th Grade

A G.C.S. teacher since 1996, Ms. Borgman draws third and fourth grade students into the fascinating world of learning by encouraging them to think independently while working cooperatively.  Students are inspired and given the tools to observe, think, experiment, examine, research and reason.  For example, students explore different environments in the United States by building “mini-habitats” of different biomes and doing experiments students to investigate how plants and animals adapt, thrive, and relate to their surroundings; they study electricity by creating their own electrical boards, follow the Iditerod Race by choosing their own mushers to whom they write and students have been known to experience math and science through baking.  Ms. Borgman promotes Christian principles while pressing students to achieve excellence.

Third and fourth grade students participate in the following Specials Classes: Physical Education, Music, Junior Choir, Recorders, Computer/STEM, Art, and Outdoor Science.