Enrichment Classes


Students will attend art each week where they will be encouraged to tab into their creative skills.


5th-8th grade students will participate in band where they will learn to play an instrument matched to their strengths and read music. The 6-8th grade students participate in a Fine Arts Festival in the spring to showcase their music and art with other Christian Schools in the area. Grant Christian School displays the music learned at the Christmas and Spring Concert every year for families and friends to enjoy


Our 1st-4th grade students will participate in choir and showcase their beautiful voices at our winter and spring concerts. The Kindergarten class will also participate in music each week.


GCS’s computer program is powered by Google Chrome. During computers, the students will learn how to operate a computer focusing on fine motor skills, mouse manipulation, and navigation. Older students will learn typing, file management, and Google office.

Physical Education

Students will attend physical education twice a week and we focus on providing the foundation for a healthy life where they can be successful in any facet of fitness primarily focusing on inclusion, strategy and skill activities along with individual and team problem solving and strategic implementation.


Students will attend STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) once a week. They will spend time connecting everyday tasks to technology. This class is designed to get students to think outside the box and strengthen their problem solving skills.